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Better Balance Analyzer™ Platform Objectively Tests Fall Risk

Create a clear pathway to medical necessity for VNG studies using the Better Balance Analyzer™.

Remove all subjectivity from your balance evaluations – use the Better Balance Analyzer™ platform for verifiable and consistent results.

Evaluate each phase of the vestibular system with the Better Balance Analyzer™ platform.

  • Eyes open on Firm surface – tests the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive inputs
  • Eyes closed on a Firm surface – tests the vestibular and proprioceptive inputs
  • Eyes open on a perturbed (foam) surface – tests the visual and vestibular inputs
  • Eyes closed on a perturbed (foam) surface – tests the vestibular inputs only

Evaluate every patient over 55 as part of a comprehensive falls prevention strategy.

  • Quick and easy test that takes just 5-10 minutes to complete
  • Excellent tool to evaluate risk of falling
  • Results are given as normal or abnormal
    • Normal – No further testing is warranted for the current year
    • Abnormal – The patient completes our 20-question survey to eliminate any cause(s) for an abnormal result like medications, vision or hearing problems, ankle, knee or hip problems plus many other potential complicating factors
  • If no complicating or contributing factors are identified by the physician then a VNG test is warranted and the prescription is written.

Better Balance™ technology is the right choice!

  • Premium VNG technology
  • Complete program: technology, support and marketing
  • Remote access technical support
  • On site training by our technician
  • Free VNG software upgrades
  • Patient education programs available
  • Several finance options

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